History of Racing:

Racing being one of the most watched and revered sports has been receiving worldwide acclaim for a very long time. When paired with horse riding, it becomes even more exciting to watch and to participate in. Historically, the first evidence of horse riding was from Roman times, when the chariot races took place, raced by the Kings and betted on by them and the elites too. The Saddle races of the Greeks are also worth mentioning in the early history of racing and the fact that horse racing is one of the first sports to make a place for itself in the Olympic Games. Then and now, racing receives a lot of interest, although the times, the sport and the rules all have changed and evolved, but the love of the horses and the passion for the sport are the same.

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Modern History:

Changes occur in every form and walk of life, people societies, communities, rules cities almost everything undergoes change and are revolutionized after a certain time. Sports are no different; they start from scratch and evolve into interesting games or events that catch the attention of all the people around them. This has occurred with horse racing too. It was a simple sport with horses competing for first place against each other, but with the modern advent of the sport it became a little complex and has branched out into many forms and types with different rating and standings.

The start of modern racing can be traced back to the 1100s when the English Knights brought back with them horses from the Middle Eastern Lands, on the way back from the Crusades. The Arabian horses especially were thought to be superior to other breeds of horses and to improve their own line of horses they cross bred the new arrivals with the local mares, coming up with a new breed of horses, especially race horses the thoroughbreds. With the start of the new era of racing it increased in popularity too, but one important occurrence was that it was taken up solely by the Kings and the high Gentry leaving the masses and commoners to watch from afar.

Towards the 18th century this started changing, common people and general public got back the sport which increased the number of races by tenfold, bringing to light the need for more race tracks and courses and a systematic organization which could monitor most of the races which took place haphazardly around the country. This was the start of the professional level of the sport, with more and more races more tracks and the establishment of the first Jockey Association and club which along with keeping a check on the races recorded the breed of the race horses as well, tracing back the ancestry of every thoroughbred race horse to the initial sires in the beginning. The classic races, such as the Oaks and the Derbies as well as the Guineas have made a place for themselves in the history of the game.

Spreading recognition:

No doubt England was the pioneer of modern horse racing but the sport has not stayed within its borders only, it has been recognized all over the world and become very popular in some countries. Three of them initially were Ireland, France and South Africa, where it was taken up enthusiastically and is still claimed as one of the important sports. Other countries in this respect were New Zealand, United States and Australia, three countries which can boast of the fact that horse riding has become one of their most important sports and industries. In New Zealand and America it has become the second most important sport while in Australia it has attained the level of the top three sports. Horse breeding was also taken up by all the above mentioned countries and recently it has gone as far as Japan where many international level races take place around the year.

Jockey and Types:

The jockey is one of the most important aspects in the races, for he is the person to guide and ride the horse in the race. To know when the horse is tiring, when to slow him down and when to take advantage. Jockeys are very much celebrated around the world, many of them becoming heroes for the local crowd, of course with their horses. They take a fixed pay for racing. Most of them freelance and are chosen by trainers who know the horses best, as they are ones who have groomed and trained them.

The types of races in today’s times are the thoroughbred races which are the most prestigious, famous and common of the types, run on flat surfaces and divided into three groups. These races are run on dirt, grass or synthetic surfaces and only 3 years or above thoroughbreds can ran in these meets and events. The second is the jump race in which the horse and jockey has to clear hurdles which are placed strategically around the track. The harness races are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. The trotting and the pacing races as they are called run with standard bred horses and two wheel carts. The final two are the Quarter races and the Endurance races, the Quarter being short and swift, and the endurance are long and tiring.

Jockeys Table:

Many jockeys, over time, have made a name for themselves, through their professionalism, riding and expertise, as well as the number of wins. The jockey’s tables are the platforms through which the general public or interested parties are aware of the standings of the jockeys. Which one is on top and who has won the most out of how many races, etc. All these statistics are recorded on the jockeys table and make it easier for punters to pin point which is the best jockey in the race or the season etc.

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